Linda Weech started Health Works on October 1994 with the idea of supporting people to take responsibility for their own health. For far too long people have been dumping their bodies and health on their doctors, who either cure them or don’t without realizing that what they eat, drink, think and feel, the supplements, the quality of their sleep, all impact dramatically on how they feel!

We don’t take the place of medical practitioners but really assist you to take care of your health rather than focus on disease.

Although we stock some of the best products available in the world, thousands of them, we basically sell only one product and that product is… Health!

We have excellent consultants, trained to listen, research and advise, in store, by telephone or via email.


As the owner of Health Works, Linda Weech’s core principles of commitment to service, product knowledge and customer support underpin her concern for her clientele. Linda believes in innovation and stocks only those natural products on the cutting edge of science. Linda’s dynamic and intuitive approach to her clients' needs and wants ensure they receive caring, personal attention in order to resolve their health queries.

Contact: 011 325-5168/9.



Kim Bernstein is a product specialist with many years experience in the alternative health industry. With in-depth knowledge of product houses and their various offerings, Kim is able to tailor packages to deal with most health issues using natural products. Her special interest lies in designing specific supplementation protocols for fertility and cancer. Each program is designed to suit each person's specific needs.

Contact: 011 325 5832 or email healthworks@icon.co.za


Tandy McLeod has been in the health industry since 1990. Her speciality is working with brain and mood related issues. She has long standing experience with the D'Adamo blood type diet approach and background in Chinese medicine theory. She is also conversant with the approach and products put forward by Dr Jonathan Wright. On request, Tandy will provide a questionnaire which once completed, offer a 'blueprint' of how you personally are responding to advancing age and how best you could maximise your energy, mood, memory and performance through correct supplementation and eating.

For your personal assessment Contact Tandy on 011 325 5168 or email healthworks@icon.co.za 


Dr Sam Cleminson studied medicine at Guys, Kings and St Thomas’ School of Medicine in London UK.  He is a member of the South African Academy of Integrative medicine and has over 10 years of experience in the medical world.   Dr Sam has a special interest in the use of natural herbs and supplements for the treatment of disease, ageing and supporting peak mental and emotional states.  Where necessary, Dr Sam will combine natural and herbal therapies with traditional Western medicine to achieve powerful results that are tailored to your specific body needs.  Dr Sam is a strong advocate for treating you the individual rather than the disease.

For an appointment with Dr Sam please call 011 325 5168


Brandon Escott-Watson is Healthworks go-to guy. Brandon is also a sales assistant and knows exactly where everything is kept in the shop.

Contact: 011 325 4002.


Viloshnee Abdel Sayed is responsible for the behind-the-scenes administration and ensures the smooth running of Health Works. As Linda’s right-hand for the past four years it is Viloshnee who keeps the team grounded, sorts out administrative problems, and keeps the machine well oiled.

Contact: 011 325 5168


Thabo Malatji ensures parcels are delivered to clients as soon as possible. He works closely with Brandon to manage stock and has worked at Healthworks for five years.

Contact: 011 325 5168


Annette du Toit has been associated with Health Works since it's inception in 1996. She practices EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (Meridian Tapping), Matrix Re-imprinting, The Body Code Technique, including Muscle Testing and Magnets to support you to easily uncover and effortlessly release your deepest feelings of pain, guilt, shame, resentment, anger, fear of rejection, and many more debilitating unresolved childhood traumas. Annette holds the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies) (UK) Level 2 EFT Practitioners certification as well as the Advanced Matrix Reimprinting certification from Karl Dawson UK.

In 1982 Annette trained in TOUCH FOR HEALTH - A new approach to restoring our natural energies based on the principles of Applied Kinesiology developed by John F Thie, D.C. It was this approach to self healing techniques that set her on her path of Energy (Medicine) Healing. Energy is the medicine. The energy body holds the blueprint of the physical body’s health and is the focus of Energy Healing. 

For your personal Energy Healing session with Annette please Contact: annettedutoitza@gmail.com. +27 (0)82 442 0008.


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