Neuro Transmitter Balancing

Tandy writes...

I have been inspired by the work of Eric Braverman and dedicate a great deal of my time researching his approach. He is a Doctor, researcher, lecturer as well as a PATH medica in New York

frequented by many top executives.

He has instituted a number of TF questionnaires, the most well known is the “Braverman Nature Assessment”.

I have chosen to work with this and have processed 1000s in the past few years. This has provided me with a good comparative background and an idea of possible strategies for different situations.

Braverman is an anti-aging specialist who teaches how to maximize performance levels in the face of slowing hormonal output and age related decline.

He uses natural substances to support and/or eventually replace allopathic sleep, mood and memory related medications.

I have also spent some time researching altzheimers and other age related conditions of cognitive decline and am familiar with most of the possible complimentary approaches to these.

Please contact me via email or directly for any information on dealing with issues involving mood, memory, sleep, studying, attention problems - or supplements suitable to augment or ameliorate

the effects of medication you may be using.

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