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Vitamin Research Products® (VRP®) has a more than 30-year history of formulating nutritional supplements and a team of scientists with over 60 years of nutritional research and formulation experience. Based out of Carson City, Nevada, USA, we recently built a 55,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and quality control laboratory certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), where we scrutinize every product for maximum purity and effectiveness.


Cinnamon Extract              
Circutrol BP 30Caps           
IP6 Caps                      
Andro Prime Capsules          
Serrapeptase 180caps          
Extend Core 90caps            
Liver Script 60caps           
Lactoferrin 60caps            
Gastric Aid 120 caps          
SynCholamine 90 caps          
Smart Whey Protein 775g       
L-Glutemine caps              
Dog Vites 100gm               
Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30m     
Collagen Type II 60caps       
Nutri Joint Caps              
Osteo Script                  
Leptin X 240 Caps             
Vitamin B12 30ml              
Lectin Lock 120Caps           
Vein Support 120caps          
Lithium Orotate               
GI Cell Support 120caps       
Male Balance Cream 60ml       
Junior Script Immune Liq      
Ultra K2                      
CDP Choline 60 caps           
IQ Script 90capsules          
Her Balance Cream             
Fumaric Acid 500mg            
Kandida Plex 90capsules       
Omega 3 Delicious 454g        
Extension Vision              
L-Argenine Vit Research       
Detox 365 Powder 704g         
NGF Growth Factor 120         
Glabrinex 90softgel           
Brain Vibrance Gel Shots      
Ceasefire Wafers 60           
Brain Vibrance 20Shots        
Andro AMP                     
Digestive Enzymes             
Pressure FX 30caps            
Thermolss EF 180caps          
Cardio Care 120caps           
LipiControl 180s              
Viral Script 60caps           
Nutri Joints For Pets 78g     
Primary Greens 360grams       
Osteoflavone Complex 90's     
Extend Liquid 473ml           
Iodoral 90's                  
Annatto Toctrienols           
BioTears 120 gel caps         
Extension Hair & Nails        
ThermoLoss 60caps             
AlgaeCal 90 veggie caps       
Vitamin D3 500 Liquid         
Active Folate Caps            
CLA Softgels                  
CoughScript Syrup 200ml       
EZ Cleanse Caps               
LipiScript 60s                
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 60caps     
Co Enzyme 100MG Ubiqui        
(R)-Lipoic Acid 90            
Vitamin D3 5000 Liquid        
Bio PRO 120 Caps              
Liq S/Fruit Antioxidant       
N-Acetyl Cysteine 60caps      
BHT 350mg 100caps             
Nattokinase +                 
Krill Oil 60softgel           
Methylselenocysteine 120s     
EnerJoint 90softgels
Epicor Jnr Caps
Opti-Mag Caps
SinuScript Caps
CrampScript Caps
CortiTrophin 90caps           
Vesteva 60caps                
GluControl 120s               
Samento 30ML                  
EZ Cleanse Caps               
Ipriflavone 60s               
Extension IQ Caps 120         
Cortisol Control 90s          
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